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Servo Motor Repairs

Farrar, Inc. repairs a broad range of servo motor parts and has the experience to recondition and maintain all types of servos motors and componentry, including servo motor controls, brushless servo motors, and rewind stators to Fanuc, Peerless, Baldor, Kollmorgen, Mitsubishi, Heidenhain Endat, Kawasaki, Sumtak/Sanyo Denki Allen-Bradley and Yaskawa factory specifications.

Servo Motor diagram showing stator, winding, bearing, rotor, shaft, encoder and motor cable

At Farrar, we begin with a thorough evaluation of your Servo motor before making recommendations and scheduling repairs. Farrar can also suggest value-added recommendations in addition to your Servo repair, all while completing our work and delivering your motor back to you in the allotted time or faster.

Our state-of-the-art shop is staffed by comprehensively trained technicians who are supported by modern equipment and a fully-stocked parts inventory to ensure quick turnaround on your most critical repairs.

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And Many More
  • Servo Motor Repair
  • Servo Motor Controls
  • Brushless Servo Motors
  • Electric Motor Rewinding & Repair
  • Absolute & Linear Encoder Testing